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Back-to-School Breakfasts

Hungry and time-crunched? You're not alone: About 31 million Americans skip breakfast, according to a report by market research firm NPD. Lack of time was the top reason for running on empty. Check out this chart of easy options for even the busiest mornings.

Everyday Food, September 2012

Take 5 Minutes


Stuff dried dates with almond butter and sprinkle with shredded coconut.


Top high-fiber crackers with part-skim ricotta and sliced radish or cucumber.

Make It Ahead


Layer low-fat yogurt and fruit in a jar; sprinkle with granola before eating.


Make egg salad with more whites than yolks and some yogurt in place of mayo; eat on a English muffin.

Eat on the Go


Toss whole-grain cereal with dried fruit, banana chips, and nuts.


Fill a whole-wheat pita with smoked salmon, Neufchatel cheese, and dill.

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