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Lunch Strategies

If you're a dedicated brown-bagger, you have no doubt found yourself in a leftovers-for-lunch rut. Food editor Anna Kovel came up with these ways to repurpose leftover dinner ingredients for lunch without experiencing deja vu.


Extra vegetables get a flavor makeover when combined with cheddar and chutney. Toss veggies with mango chutney, and pile onto naan or pita bread with sliced cheese.


Cooked tortellini can be added to a Thermos of piping-hot chicken broth just before you leave home in the morning. Toss in baby spinach leaves or peas, too, for added color.


Precooked lentils, beans, or grains are a versatile base for a filling salad. Toss with a variety of vegetables and add your favorite mix-ins. Scoop onto a bed of greens.


Cooked, seasoned greens or broccoli rabe are a hearty, healthy addition to a sandwich made from thin slices of last night's roast meat or grilled chicken.

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