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The New Chicken Dinner

It's an updated classic we've fallen hard for: a simple roast chicken with extra-crisp skin, served atop a pan-sauce-drizzled bread salad that comes together in minutes. Serve it hot, at room temperature, or as leftovers.

The Recipe

Roast Chicken with Broiled-Vegetable-and-Bread Salad

Riffing on Bread Salad

Don't feel hemmed in by the vegetables in our recipe -- bread salad can be made with almost any produce you have on hand.

Fresh greens, such as arugula and spinach -- or any combination of parsley, basil, and mint -- are good substitutes for the chard.

Any vegetables, such as grilled, roasted, or sauteed squash, peppers, or mushrooms, work in place of eggplant. Try raw, halved cherry tomatoes and chopped scallions in a pinch.

Pantry staples, such as dried currants or cranberries; toasted nuts; chopped rosemary, thyme, or any savory herb; and anchovies, add flavor and texture to a basic recipe of bread cubes and salad greens.

Bread: Drizzle it with oil before toasting, rather than after, for a chewy-crisp texture.

Vegetables: Broil them in large pieces so they don't dry out, and then cut them to bite-size before serving. Broiling is twice as quick as the usual roasting, so you can cook the vegetables while the chicken rests.

Dressing: Using pan juices in the vinaigrette marries the flavors of the chicken and the salad.

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