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Provencal Meal

Make the season last a little longer with a languorous Provencal meal. Plan an uncomplicated menu full of bright flavors, and keep the look breezy: simple dishes, elegantly rumpled linens, and a palette inspired by olive groves.

Get the Provencal look for your table with our shopping guide.

Party Planner

Use Your Collections

Their silhouettes are varied, but these candlesticks look pulled together because of their white finish. The same holds true for the chairs, a mismatched group that we painted.

Go Green

Backyard foliage is a fresh alternative to flowers. We used olive branches, but laurel, boxwood, and holly would work, too. Gather a big bunch in a rustic container, and put it at the end of the table, rather than in the center. (It should be a conversation piece, not a conversation blocker.)

The Menu

Orange-and-Basil Aperitif
Provencal Vegetable Tian
Spaghetti with Mussels, Lemon, and Shallots
Cheeses with Fennel-Infused Honey and Fruit

Beeswax tapers, by the Bee Man Candle Co., $10 per pair, Ultra decanter, $240, Miguel green wine carafe, $22, Paint (on chairs), by Martha Stewart Paint, in Aurora Borealis,

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