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Jack-o'-Lantern Candy Bowl

Get double duty out of your jack-o'-lantern by using it as a glowing candy bowl.

Photography: Lisa Hubbard

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Large pumpkin

  • Jar to fit inside

  • Miniature saw: Blades (No. 94824138), and handle (No. 68069697), from

  • Linoleum cutter: Set, (No. 40203-1029) by Speedball, from

  • Christmas light strand


  1. Cutting the Pumpkin Remove the pumpkin's stem, and trace the bottom of the jar on the top of the pumpkin. Following this outline, cut the top off the pumpkin, making the hole slightly larger than the outline to allow easy jar entry. Scrape out seeds and innards, thinning rind to about 1 inch thick, and, with a small keyhole saw, cut a jagged edge into the top of the pumpkin.

  2. Outlining the Design By hand or computer, print the word TREATS on paper, and tape to the side of the pumpkin. Use a pin or needle tool to prick a dot outline of your design onto the pumpkin.

  3. Scraping Out the Pumpkin Remove paper, and with a linoleum cutter, scrape out the skin inside the outline, at least 1/8 inch deep.

  4. Assembling the Jar With scissors, cut a jagged design along the long edge of a strip of crepe paper, and, gathering it, attach it below the rim of the jar with masking tape. Wind a strand of Christmas lights around the jar, carve a hole in the back of the pumpkin to pass the cord through, and slide the jar in the pumpkin. Fill the jar with candy; once you've plugged in your pumpkin, it will take on a festive glow.

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