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Ombre Pendant Lampshade

Source: Martha Stewart


The fabric is highly translucent, so ample light peeks through even when layered. Although this shade is striking on a pendant light, its hue and dimensions can be varied for versions that will update any lamp.


  • Fabric shears

  • Cotton voile (we used 3 yards for a shade with a 56-inch circumference and 24-inch height)

  • Flexible tape measure

  • Translucent white cylinder paper shade

  • Fabric glue

  • Seam binding


  1. Cut fabric rectangle 1 1/2 inches longer than shade height and 1/2 inch wider than its circumference.

  2. Apply a thin line of glue to shade exterior's vertical seam. Align short edge of fabric with seam, leaving 3/4-inch overhangs at top and bottom of shade; press into glue.

  3. Wrap fabric around shade until edges overlap neatly; press down again to adhere. Apply a thin line of glue along inside edge of top and lower rims. After a minute, once glue is tacky, fold in hems.

  4. Cut fabric for subsequent layers: Fabric pieces should be the same width as first layer, but successively shorter. The second layer should be 3 inches shorter, and each following layer 1 1/2 inches shorter than the last. The final layer will require an extra 3/4-inch hem at the top. For a soft edge at the bottom of each piece, snip at desired length and rip fabric instead of cutting. Iron edges.

  5. Attach each layer (start with tallest piece and end with shortest): Apply glue to vertical seam, and align top edge of fabric with top of shade (see photo); pull taut. For final layer, leave a 3/4-inch fabric overhang at top. Once attached, glue hem over rim of shade.

  6. Hide exterior seam and interior hems by gluing on seam binding.

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