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Paper Mayflower Centerpiece

Source: Martha Stewart


Make a mini Mayflower centerpiece: A sheet of torn-edged watercolor paper becomes the main sail, and a blue burlap tablecloth replicates the waters of Massachusetts Bay. Hat kits are ready for each young master (boy) and goody (girl).


  • 1 40-inch-long 1/2-inch wooden dowel

  • 2 23-inch-long 1/4-inch wooden dowels

  • Metal ruler

  • Construction paper

  • Hole punch

  • Pencil

  • Twine

  • Glue


  1. Cut one 40-inch-long 1/2-inch wooden dowel (for the mast) and two 23-inch-long 1/4-inch wooden dowels (for the crossbars). Cut a 22-inch square piece of watercolor paper (tear along a metal ruler), and a triangular piece of construction paper for flag. Using twine, attach top crossbar to mast, 5 inches from the top (secure with tight double knot, top). Center sail underneath mast on a table. Mark and then punch holes at 1-inch intervals. Repeat for bottom edge.

  2. Cut a 1-yard length of twine, and thread, whipstitch-style, through holes and around crossbar. Knot at ends, and trim excess. Thread twine again to attach sail to bottom crossbar. Glue flag to top of mast. Anchor mast in a bucket weighted with pebbles.

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