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Pork Paillards Preparation

Every cook needs a trick or two up her sleeve, a tried-and-true technique to rely on when time is short and people are hungry. Preparing paillards is one such method: Pound out a piece of chicken, pork, or veal. Cook it in a flash, and make a savory sauce right in the same pan.

The French term paillard may sound fancy, but it just refers to the flattened meat. You can find thin cuts at some grocery stores, but you will save money by buying larger pieces and pounding them out yourself. Sauces that are a cinch to vary ensure that dinner is never dull -- or more than just a few minutes away.

Tools and Materials

How To Prepare Pork Paillards

1. Pork tenderloin makes excellent paillards. Trim any fat, and run a knife under any tough silver skin to remove. Slice pork on the bias into 1/4- to 1/2-inch-thick pieces.

2. Place pork slices between layers of plastic wrap (a more convenient choice than a plastic bag for multiple pieces), and pound with the smooth side of a mallet until the meat is uniformly thin, 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. Figure on 4 pieces per person.

To use this technique, try our recipe for Pork Paillards with Sour Cream-Paprika Sauce.

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