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Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Pomegranates, Tulips, and Roses

A Thanksgiving table demands a feast for the eyes with all the trimmings. But bear in mind that well-mannered centerpieces should never block guests' views of one another. 

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Pomegranates with stems attached

  • Red viburnum berries

  • Tulips

  • Roses

  • Ranunculus

  • Magnolia stems

  • Low, shallow dish

  • Floral foam

  • Plastic wrap

  • Floral scissors

  • Flower picks


  1. Soak a piece of floral foam in water overnight.

  2. Line a low, shallow dish with plastic wrap. Trim foam with a knife to fit snugly inside dish, rising about 1 inch above its rim, above; this will help shape the arrangement into an attractive mound.

  3. Trim magnolia stems at a 45-degree angle with floral scissors, and insert them around the foam to form a continuous border, above.

  4. Using floral scissors, cut stems of red viburnum berries, tulips, roses, and ranunculus at a 45-degree angle, and insert into foam to create a full mound that conceals the foam.

  5. Trim wire of flower picks to 2 inches (use 1 pick for each pomegranate). Twist wire ends around pomegranate branches, above, and insert picks in foam, anchoring firmly. (If pomegranate lacks a stem, insert a pick directly through the flesh of fruit and then insert pick into foam; remove pomegranate from arrangement after a day as juice may leak.) Spritz flowers and foam with water every other day.

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