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Seam-Binding Cake-Stand Skirt and Chandelier

Inexpensive seam binding -- normally used to conceal the seams inside tailored garments -- is all you need to dress up a Mother's Day brunch table. Use coordinating colors of the multipurpose trim to make flirty skirts for a pair of stacked cake stands, and then continue the theme with a free-flowing seam-binding "chandelier."

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Seam binding in 3 colors

  • White cake stand

  • Double-sided tape

  • 14-inch wreath form


  1. Cut lengths of seam binding in 3 colors. Each length should be long enough to hang over both sides of the cake stand.

  2. Apply double-sided tape around edge of cake stand. Drape seam binding across cake stand, pressing onto tape. Alternate colors, overlapping pieces at center.

  3. Wrap seam binding around a 14-inch wreath form to cover the surface of the form, and knot to secure. Repeat with more seam binding until the form is completely covered.

  4. Cut lengths of seam binding (about 20 inches each) in 3 colors.

  5. Tie pieces around the wreath form at their midpoints.

  6. To hang: Cut 4 lengths (about 15 inches each) of seam binding. Tie at 4 points around wreath form, and knot at top. Hang the decoration from the knot.

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