A basic cornucopia basket gets a glamorous makeover, thanks to sparkly paint and fabric. Fruits and vegetables in rich shades of ruby and amethyst spill out like jewels. For a soft shine, brush the produce with an edible petal dust, a finish available at baking-supply stores.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

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Step 1

Coat cornucopia lightly with spray paint; let dry.

Step 2

Cut out a fabric rectangle on the bias: The width should be 3 inches longer than the length of the cornucopia at its longest point, not including the upturned end; the length should be 1 inch longer than the circumference of the cornucopia's opening.

Step 3

Fold fabric, right side up, so short sides meet; pin together along that edge.

Step 4

Stitch where pinned, with 1/2-inch seam allowance. With doubled thread and running stitches, sew along 1 end; pull thread to cinch fabric closed, and stitch to secure.

Step 5

Turn liner right side out, and place liner in cornucopia; secure cinched end inside tip of basket with a few back stitches.  

Step 6

Fold excess fabric over the rim. Turn edges under 1/2 inch, and pin. With doubled thread and slip stitches, sew hem, pulling thread through basket every couple of stitches to secure.


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