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German-Style Paper Cutout Easter Eggs

Bring the whimsy of scherenschnitte, the German art of paper cutting, to your tabletop decor. Blown-out eggs, dyed and adorned with seasonal silhouettes, look delightful dangling from a cluster of quince branches. Eggs can also be inscribed with guests' names and double as place cards and charming favors.

Source: Martha Stewart


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Give the scissors a rest: The easiest way to make silhouettes is to use craft punches. (If using a punch, skip to Step 4).


  • Paper (in a solid color, no thicker than construction paper

  • Transfer paper

  • Ballpoint pen

  • Small scissors

  • Gel-ink pen

  • 1/8-inch-wide silk ribbon

  • Sewing needle


  1. Dye blown-out eggs using our instructions as desired. Let dry.

  2. Lay paper (solid color, no thicker than construction paper) for silhouettes faceup on work surface. Lay a sheet of transfer paper facedown on silhouette paper. Place template printout on top; trace character outlines with a ballpoint pen.

  3. Cut silhouettes along transferred outlines using small scissors.

  4. Coat back of 1 cutout with decoupage glue using a small brush. Apply cutout to egg; smooth using tip of brush handle. Let dry. Repeat, adding cutouts as desired.

  5. Apply decoupage glue to entire egg with a medium brush. Let dry. (For place cards, write names on finished eggs' silhouettes with a gel-ink pen.)

  6. Thread a 10-inch length of 1/8-inch-wide silk ribbon through the eye of a long needle.

  7. Insert needle in bottom hole of blown-out egg; draw it up through top hole. Leave a hanging loop at the top, and draw needle back down through top and bottom holes.

  8. Knot ribbon 2 to 3 times near bottom hole (make sure knot doesn't slip through the hole). Trim ribbon ends.

  9. Hang eggs from quince or other spring-blooming branches that are secured inside a vessel weighted with stones.

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