Whether you're packing a suitcase or storing items at home, these drawstring pouches are handy to have around. Made in a range of sizes, they are perfect for stowing jewelry, shoes, and even laundry.
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Even a beginner can easily master sewing this drawstring bag. It requires just a few straight seams, and introduces the method of sewing a channel at the top (in this case, for a pair of ties used to cinch the bag closed). Dimensions for bags are as follows: shoe bag, 15 by 37 inches (finished size 13 by 17 inches); lingerie bag, 10 by 28 inches (finished size 8 by 11 inches); jewelry bag, 9 by 17 inches (finished size 7 by 7 inches). The amount of fabric will depend on desired size of bag; wool suiting and cotton shirting are shown.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Cut out 2 rectangles from fabrics that pair well together (1 for outside, 1 for lining).

Step 2

Pin rectangles, right sides facing, along long sides; sew with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Turn right side out; press with an iron.

Step 3

For channels, double-hem short sides: Fold over 1/2 inch, then 1 inch, and pin in place; edge-stitch 1/8 inch from inner edge. Fold bag in half, outside fabric facing, so hems meet.

Step 4

Stitch long sides with a 1/4-inch seam allowance, stopping 1 1/2 inches from hems (to accommodate channels).

Step 5

For ties, use bias tape, twill tape, or cord. If you prefer, make your own: Cut 2 strips of fabric 2 inches wide by twice the length of top of bag plus 3 inches. Fold edges in lengthwise so they meet in the middle; press. Fold strip in half lengthwise; press again.

Step 6

Make an 1/8-inch edge stitch along open edge. Attach a safety pin to 1 tie and thread through both channels, working left to right. Do the reverse with other tie, threading from right to left. Knot ties; turn bag right side out.


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