30 Simple Ice Pop Recipes That Are Perfect for Summer

Aaron Dyer

Frozen treats aren't just for kids, and that's especially true when it comes to ice pops. Here, we're sharing our takes on the traditional summertime snack, which range from refreshing and fruity to decadent and creamy. They all require minimal prep and are the perfect make-ahead summer desserts—have them ready in your freezer for easy entertaining or a cooling afternoon snack.

As far as popsicles go, you have a lot of flavor options. While classic fruit blends are always tasty, you can also get creative with more inventive mixes. Case in point? The Creamy Horchata Pops that are pictured here. You just need three ingredients—rice milk, condensed milk, and cinnamon—and a freezer in order to turn the popular Mexican beverage into ice pops. It's an upgraded take on the desserts you'd find in the frozen section at your grocery store, but a guaranteed winner with family and friends.

If you do want to go with fruit flavors, you have a lot of options. Adults and children alike will also love our Berry-Granola Parfait Pops—they're so good (and so good for you) that you could eat these ice pops for breakfast. Inspired by a yogurt and granola parfait, the base of these pops is made with yogurt and honey that have been whisked together, then speckled with fresh berries. The mixture is poured into molds to freeze; once they're completely frozen, they're then drizzled with honey on one side and dipped in your favorite granola. These pops are a super simple sweet treat, and there's no added sugar.

We also have two patriotic pops for a cool Fourth of July dessert. These Red, White, and Blueberry Pops are the ultimate take on a popular Independence Day treat. Another option is the Firecracker Ice Pops—they're aptly named for Independence Day and look especially festive thanks to fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Pick one, or all, of these flavorful ice pops to make this summer and you won't be disappointed.

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Carrot Ginger Ice Pops

carrot ginger ice pops
Lennart Weibull

This dairy-free recipe is a healthy one—oranges, carrot juice, strawberries, and chopped fresh ginger are blended together and poured into ice pop molds. The bright orange color is eye-catching and enticing, so you won't have to convince your kids to try this better-for-you snack.

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Two-Tone Pops

Johnny Miller

Your family will go crazy for these ombré treats! The stripes of frozen iced tea, lemonade, and mashed raspberries are as stunning as they are delectable.

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Berry-Granola Parfait Pops

Aaron Dyer

Is your breakfast routine a little stale? Freeze your usual Greek yogurt, honey, and berries and dip in granola for the perfect morning pick-me-up. Then try our Tropical Fruit-Coconut and Apricot-Pistachio variations.

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Creamy Mango Pops

Bryan Gardner

Popsicles that are creamy and vegan? Yes, it's possible, thanks to coconut milk. Just blend with frozen mango, orange juice, honey, and vanilla, then freeze your mixture in molds.

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Coconut-Water Ice Pops

Jen Causey

These are the perfect post-workout treat. Mix coconut water, agave nectar, and the tropical fruit of your choice, freeze, and get hydrated.

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Very Berry Ice Pops

Con Poulos

Sweet-tart blackberries and raspberries get a hit of sugar and heavy cream and then take off for the freezer in rocket-style molds.

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Neapolitan Ice Pops

Con Poulos

Do you know what these nostalgia-inducing popsicles mean? No more fighting over the flavors in the carton of Neapolitan ice cream! Everyone gets a bite of each.

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Mojito Ice Pops

Con Poulos

We omitted the booze in these frozen riffs on the classic cocktail, but you can always serve them with a sidecar of rum if you're so inclined. Pair with our tricolor Tropical Sunset Ice Pops for a crowd-pleasing dessert duo.

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Banana, Berry, and Buttermilk Popsicles


Balance out the tanginess of buttermilk with sweet honey or agave syrup in these creamy, fruity ice pops.

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Red, White, and Blueberry Pops


These patriotic treats are perfect for the Fourth of July, but you can also make them with other berries or fruit. If you're looking for other festive desserts, check out the rest of our spectacular red, white, and blue desserts.

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Fudge Bars


Here's a decadent take on the ice-cream truck favorite that's sure to please!

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Frozen Melon-Margarita Pops

Hans Gissinger

These tangy hand-held treats make you feel grown-up and kid-like at the same time.

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Firecracker Ice Pops


Swirled strawberries, blueberries, and yogurt bring the red, white, and blue to these ice pops.

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Fruit Salad Ice Pops


These surprisingly simple pops are a healthy alternative to the usual frozen treats.

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Hot-Cocoa Ice Pops


Frozen hot chocolate sounds like an oxymoron, but our hot cocoa recipes make amazing ice pops.

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Striped Ice Pops

Ditte Isager

Kids love to help making these frozen treats almost as much as they love eating them. If you're making the pops for adults only, you can add Chambord, a raspberry-flavored liqueur.

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Melon-Berry Ice Pops


Greek yogurt is used in these treats to give them a touch of tang.

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Watermelon-Strawberry Pops


These refreshing flavors create one sweet treat. We bet you can't eat just one!

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Nectarine and Strawberry Pops


Ice pops made with real fruit beat anything you'll find in the freezer case or the ice-cream truck.

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Creamy Orange Pops


These delicious ice pops let you transform an everyday grocery convenience item into a sublime summer treat.

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Vanilla Pudding Pops


This frozen favorite turns the classic dessert into something extra-special: A frozen, deliciously creamy treat!

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Peaches 'N' Cream Ice Pops

Con Poulos

They say good things come in small packages, and sure enough, these decadent ice pops are downright delicious, with a frozen peach exterior and a vanilla ice cream interior.

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Frozen Yogurt Pops

Frederic Lagrange

Combine leftover strawberry jam with tart Greek yogurt to create this delicious combination.

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Blueberry Pops


When the heat rises, everyone wants to cool off with a delicious frozen treat. Loaded with fresh blueberries, these ice pops are perfect on hot summer days.

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Coconut-Mango Ice Pops


These easy-to-prepare sweet treats, made with fresh mango, light coconut milk, and fresh lime juice, are delightful for outdoor entertaining.

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Watermelon Pops


All you need is ripe summer watermelon to create these delicious popsicles.

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Snowy Peak Pops


Kids can help make these easy treats—making for both a tasty treat and fun activity.

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Blueberry Swirl Ice Pops

Con Poulos

Enjoy the classic flavor combination of berries and yogurt in this creamy frozen dessert.

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Easy Juice Ice Pops

Con Poulos

This versatile recipe couldn’t be more of a cinch to make. Just mix simple syrup with any fruit juice, nectar, or purée you please and pop in the freezer.

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