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Easter Paper Chains

Symbols of rebirth -- downy newborn chicks and rabbits -- abound at springtime. Their proliferation is charmingly represented in simple paper chains, which make perfect Easter decorations.

Photography: Formula z/s

Source: Martha Stewart


Smooching tissue paper bunnies and flocked-paper chicks populate a cake stand and egg boxes.


  • Parchment or tissue paper

  • Scissors

  • Double-sided tape

  • Card stock


  1. Use parchment or tissue paper for the bunny chain. Measure the rim of your cake stand first. Cut tissue paper to that measure. Trace the template onto one end, accordion fold, and cut. Apply double-sided tape along the bottom of the chain; press to the rim of cake stand.

  2. The chicks on the boxes are cut from flocked paper; any medium-weight card stock will do. Trace template on one end, and fold the paper accordion-style, adding an extra 1/4 inch at one end for a tab. Cut out; unfold. Score paper below cutouts, where indicated on template. Cut each fold to score line. Fold squares into a box; glue the bottom and tab for stability; fill with Easter grass and top with an Easter egg.

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