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Embroidered-Thread Rosettes

Use beautiful buttons to dress up pillows, shams, duvet covers, curtains, and tufted furniture.

Source: Martha Stewart


For such small objects, buttons can make a big impact -- especially if you look beyond the expected colored plastic ones. Martha often uses these embroidery-thread "buttons" (No. 2 in image), which are actually tufts of embroidery thread, in her home.

Simple Instructions for Sewing on a Button


  1. Hold your thumb and forefinger 1 to 3 inches apart, depending on the size tuft you want to create (ours uses a loop about 2 inches long), and encircle thumb and fingertip with embroidery thread at least 10 times (ours contains 13 loops).

  2. Twist loops at center to create a figure eight.

  3. Fold at twist.

  4. Near the folded end, wrap another piece of embroidery thread around the loops, and tie.

  5. Tighten thread, make a knot, and snip off excess. Sew to a pillow or other item as desired.

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