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Picnic-Mat Tie

With this sling, toting a woven mat (or a yoga mat or towel) is effortless. Cotton clothesline or any thick cord will work.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Clothesline: Ace multipurpose cotton clothesline,

  • Woven mat, yoga mat, or towel: Rattan mat, 52" by 72",


  1. Loop a long piece of clothesline once around the mat, near 1 end; the shorter end of the clothesline should be about 1 1/2 feet. Tie clothesline in a double knot.

  2. Run the longer end of clothesline along the length of mat. Holding that section of line in place, make another loop around mat, near the opposite end.

  3. Tie a double knot.

  4. Gather the 2 ends of clothesline together. Holding the lines together, as if they were 1 strand, tie them in a knot to make a sling. Trim ends as needed.

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