Detective and Hound Costume

The detective and his trusty hound follow the scent to the next crime scene. Their matching plaid capes (modeled after the attire of Sherlock Holmes) are sewn from inexpensive suiting fabric with a simple pattern. Earflaps made from cloth and bias tape transform a pair of black baseball caps into a deerstalker hat.


What You'll Need



  1. msd104948_sip_hal_09_dec_ht1_hd

    Photocopy collar template twice; cut out. Download the child's cape template and the dog's cape template; print and cut out. Cut two 20-by-10-inch rectangles, one of suiting and one of felt; use an iron to adhere, wrong sides together, with fusible webbing.

  2. msd104948_sip_hal_09_dec_ht2_hd

    Tape pieces together to form collar shape. Trace collar shape onto fused fabric with disappearing-ink fabric pen; cut out. Sew bias tape onto collar's short sides and outside edge.

  3. msd104948_sip_hal_09_dec_ht4_hd

    Using the cape template as a guide, cut out cape. Sew bias tape to cape's bottom hem and side edges. Pin collar to cape, aligning collar's inside edge with the cape's top edge.

  4. msd104948_sip_hal_09_dec_ht_hd

    Cut a 52-inch strip of bias tape. Sew bias tape around neck, sandwiching both collar and cape edges between; leave 18 inches of tape on each side for ties. To make a matching dog cape, using the template as a guide, cut where indicated; cut out shorter cape. Make collar, and attach to cape as described above.

  5. Photocopy earflap and bill templates; cut out. Using the template as a guide, cut two flap pieces from suiting (if your fabric is thin, fuse flap pieces to black felt for stability). Sew bias tape to outer edges of flaps.

  6. Cut two 11-inch strips of bias tape for ties; glue to flaps as shown. Trace bill template onto each hat bill with chalk; cut off bill ends. Using fabric glue, cover cut ends of bills with bias tape. Fit one hat into the other, with bills facing opposite directions. Glue together between hatbands.

  7. Glue earflaps to inside edge of hat, wrong sides out. Let dry completely. Flip up flaps and tie together.

  8. Wear over gray pants and gray sweatshirt.

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