These round red, white, and blue medallions offer a fresh spin on an icon. Piecing and trimming the bunting yields a bull's-eye pattern.

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Measure two 39-inch-long pieces of bunting. Cut 2 identical pieces of bunting: Begin cutting after a star and end right before one, so you'll have about 3 inches of blue on each end. Trim off hems for easier pleating. Join the 2 pieces together side by side (make sure stars line up): Overlap by 1/2 inch, and adhere using fusible webbing; iron to fuse. If you prefer, stitch the 1/2-inch overlap together. The final width should be about 32 inches. Trim off the red and white stripes on both sides, which will result in a 5-stripe pattern: blue, white, red, white, blue.

Step 2

Fold fabric accordion-style in 1 1/2-inch sections (A). Iron after each fold. Continue up length of fabric. Make sure your first and last folds are in the same direction.

Step 3

Stitch along the middle of the folded rectangle to create a pivot point (D). 

Step 4

Connect sides of the rectangle by fanning out fabric from center stitch and adhering with fusible webbing (E-1); iron. Connect remaining sides with fusible webbing, or tape for easy disassembly and storage (E-2). Stitch monofilament through the fused edge in the back, and hang.


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