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Lemony Almond Nougat Packaging

Source: Martha Stewart


Each piece of nougat is wrapped in a classic bonbon wrapper to give the candy a vintage look. (The candies are first wrapped in cellophane to preserve freshness.) A rotary cutter works better than scissors for cutting through the lightweight papers and cellophane squares.


  • Cellophane

  • Rotary cutter

  • Self-healing cutting mat

  • Ink-jet printer

  • About 48 sheets of 9-by-12-inch rice paper per batch of nougat

  • 4-inch square caramel wrappers


  1. Using an ink-jet printer, print the clip-art wrappers onto rice paper (trim to fit your printer if needed).

  2. On a self-healing cutting mat, use a straightedge and a rotary cutter to cut out individual wrappers. Then cut 48 cellophane squares in half to create 96 rectangular strips.

  3. Roll each piece of nougat in a cellophane strip. Then roll again in the labels, twisting the ends to seal.

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