Repair a Battered Drywall Corner


For the best results from a paint job, repair any flaws in your walls before painting. Kevin Sharkey's contractor, Bob Tobin, explains how to fix a few common problems.

Underneath the joint compound and paint that cover the drywall is a metal "corner bead." Depending on the severity of the damage, the bead may need to be removed and replaced. If the damage is slight, however, you can secure the loose bead and then fill any cracks with joint compound or vinyl spackling compound as outlined in the following steps.

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Special thanks to Bob Tobin of BC Interiors, 718-258-8888

Tools and Materials

  • 5-in-1 tool
  • Flexible putty knife
  • Vinyl spackling compound
  • Drywall screws, paneling nails, or roofing nails
  • Screw gun or hammer
  • Joint compound
  • Taping knife
  • Dust mask
  • Medium sandpaper (120 to 150 grit) or sanding sponge

How To Repair a Battered Drywall Corner

1. Working with 5-in-1 tool, remove any loose material from the damaged area. Using putty knife, fill in area with spackling compound, using the edge of the corner bead as a guide. If the bead is loose, secure it with drywall screws and screw gun, or with nails and hammer.

2. Apply joint compound with taping knife, covering corner bead completely. Let dry overnight. Wearing dust mask, lightly sand any rough edges. Apply a second, very thin coat of compound to cover any scratches from sanding. Let dry.

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