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Popsicle Stick Tree Hotel

High up on a branch, a tree hotel made of popsicle sticks is the perfect structure to add to your stick village.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Popsicle sticks (craft sticks)

  • Cotton fabric

  • Wood glue

  • Branch with twigs

  • Rocks

  • Modeling clay

  • Two pieces of string

  • Pail


  1. Glue sticks to opposite ends of cotton fabric; glue a loop of string to one stick.

  2. Lay out nine sticks. Cut away two sticks on one end to leave a gap that fits snugly around branch. Glue support sticks across, leaving room at the end with the gap for a final stick to be glued on later.

  3. To erect tree house, put modeling clay in pail, insert branch in clay, and cover with rocks. Slide floor onto branch; glue on final stick to secure snugly on other side. Add a cut-off stick underneath to brace. Hook roof's string onto a twig; glue the other end to the edge of the floor.  

  4. To make swing, knot one end of two pieces of string; sandwich strings between two cut-off sticks; glue supports underneath. To make ladder, glue cut-up sticks to two pieces of string; glue to platform.

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