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Stamp Art

Most stamp collectors put their treasures in albums, but we think our idea is just as interesting and more fun: Use postage stamps to create pictures.

Source: Martha Stewart


Inexpensive packages of canceled stamps are available from hobby shops and online dealers; they come in mixed collections or sorted by subject, such as animals, people, machines, cars, flowers, and so on.

Another way to get stamps is to ask your family and friends to give you envelopes they've received in the mail. This method takes longer, but it's free.


  • Stamps

  • Paper

  • Scissors

  • Crayon or paint and paintbrushes

  • White glue or permanent glue stick


  1. To remove stamps from an envelope, cut away the envelope and soak in lukewarm water for 10 minutes. The stamp will float off; soak 10 more minutes if needed.

  2. Dry stamps by leaving them on a paper towel.

  3. Let your imagination run wild. A picture can include whole stamps and ones you've cut into shapes (tiny pieces are hard to handle, so don't make them too small). You can mix colors or keep to one shade, include geometric or curved designs, or both.

    To make these car silhouettes, glue graph paper to cardboard and draw an automobile shape; fill in with stamps. For the wheels, glue stamps to a piece of paper; let dry. Trace a round object on the stamps, cut out, and glue to chassis.

    After gluing, put a heavy book on your artwork for an hour to help the stamps adhere and get the picture to dry flat.

  4. Here's another design: Make note cards by gluing flower stamps to card stock cut to fit inside an envelope. Draw stems with a crayon or pastels. Two or three pear stamps will grow into a fruit tree. Smaller envelopes can even hold gift cards.

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