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Decorative Hanging Gourd Lights

Source: Martha Stewart


This Halloween, hard-fleshed decorative gourds can find life beyond the centerpiece bowl as hanging outdoor lights.


  • Hard-fleshed decorative gourds

  • Miniature saw: Keyhole saw blade, X-Acto No. 15 (LXKY31), and X-Acto Knife No. 2 (LXKY73), from Tower Hobbies

  • Electric drill with 1/4-inch bit


  1. To make a wide hole in the gourd's base, drill several small holes close together; cut out the hole with the utility knife by carving through the small holes, like joining dots. The hole must be wide enough for a lightbulb. Repeat this with the gourd's top, but drilling only two or three holes, to produce a smaller hole for the bulb socket to fit into.

  2. Hollow out gourd, using utility knife and sculpting tool.

  3. Drill decorative holes around gourd for light to show through. Push bulb socket into smaller hole; screw lightbulb into it inside gourd.

  4. Use lights that are prespaced along the wire, or space them yourself along a zip-cord wire, using carnival light-socket fixtures.

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