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Cocktail Fiesta

Martha Stewart Living, August 2012

For this breezy end-of-summer party, we channeled the flavors and ease of Mexico's chic beach town Tulum. Think simple snacks and a smattering of brightly colored pillows, flowers, and drinks. For that final bit of transformation, string up cut-paper garlands and use them to prettify plain glass candleholders.

The Menu

Avocado Bar
Sweet-and-Smoky Brittle
Shrimp and Snapper Ceviche with Tomatillos
Caramelized-Poblano-Chile-and-Onion Dip

Party Planner

Easy Eats and Drinks

Pair Mexican-inspired snacks with super-simple cocktails: Set out bottles of flavored syrup, crushed ice, sparkling water, and tequila, and let guests mix their own.

Make-It-Yourself Decor

Hang papel picado banners accented with colorful ribbons, and wrap their panels around glass candleholders, securing them with tape.


Box-frame coffee table, $349, Pink striped pillows (similar to shown), from $235, Standard pillowcase, in Brown Outline Floral, $26,

See the Sources for the Syrups, Banners, and More Festive Additions to the Fiesta

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