Credit: Johnny Miller

For this breezy end-of-summer party, we channeled the flavors and ease of Mexico's chic beach town Tulum. Think simple snacks and a smattering of brightly colored pillows, flowers, and drinks. For that final bit of transformation, string up cut-paper garlands and use them to prettify plain glass candleholders.

The Menu

Party Planner


Pair Mexican-inspired snacks with super-simple cocktails: Set out bottles of flavored syrup, crushed ice, sparkling water, and tequila, and let guests mix their own.


Hang papel picado banners accented with colorful ribbons, and wrap their panels around glass candleholders, securing them with tape.

Box-frame coffee table, $349, Pink striped pillows (similar to shown), from $235, Standard pillowcase, in Brown Outline Floral, $26,

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Martha Stewart Member
July 18, 2012
I found the "Fiesta" room so attractive - I especially love Mexican hot colors, and yet the toned down version is still great. Many thanks for the resource information for the papel picado. I'm assuming the wall paint is a Martha Stewart product, paint color?