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Felt Holly Corsage

For a playful nod to the traditional Christmas pin, try these cheerful corsages. They're easy enough for a child to make but sophisticated enough for her mom to wear. Once you gather your supplies, it's a snap to make multiple corsages in a single afternoon.

Source: Martha Stewart


We used an assortment of trimmings: tiny glass ornaments, pom-poms, snipped pieces of tinsel, and velvet and silk ribbons to embellish ours, but you could also use buttons, beads, special fabric you've been saving, or antique milliner flowers found at a flea market.


  • Wool felt, 18 by 18 inches, in assorted colors, available at

  • Iron

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Assorted embellishments


  1. Print the template, and cut out. From a piece of felt, cut one 2 1/2-by-5-inch rectangle for each pair of leaves. Fold rectangle in half lengthwise.

  2. Crease with an iron set to "wool." With the rectangle still folded, trace the template and cut out the shape using scissors. Unfold. To make the 4-leaf design, cross 2 felt shapes; using a low-temperature glue gun, attach at the center. For the 2-leaf version, dab glue at the center of 1 felt shape, and fold, angling the leaves.

  3. Glue desired trimmings to the front and a bar pin or a barrette to the back.

  4. To prepare as a gift: Cut a 4-by-5-inch piece of card stock. Punch 2 small holes, about 1 inch apart, into the center of the card. Attach the pin or barrette. Using a rubber stamp and a white ink pad, stamp a "tag." Write the recipient's name and a greeting.

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