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Bottle Wrap

Simple condiments, bottles of wine, even just plain apple-cider vinegar -- they all become more special when wrapped in colorful fabric that can be used again and again.

Source: Martha Stewart


Choose condiments or wines that complement each other in some way -- a bottle of olive oil and a bottle of flavored vinegar, or a bottle of white wine and another of red.


  • Two different-colored squares of 28-by-28-inch fabric

  • Needle and thread

  • Two condiment or wine bottles

  • Sprig of holly or pine (optional)


  1. Lay two squares of different-colored material on top of each other, right sides facing, with edges flush, and sew together along seams, leaving a 2 1/2-inch gap. Turn right-side out for finished edges. Set square on table with a corner pointing up. Lay bottles down, one-quarter of the way into the diamond-shape fabric; each should be 3 inches from the vertical center, with necks facing out.

  2. Wrap triangle of material closest to you around bottles.

  3. Roll bottles away from you, leaving a small triangle at top end.

  4. Take hold of ears of material on right and left sides, lift them up, and tie into a loose knot, being sure bottles can stand upright. Tuck the triangular flap between the bottles. Take some holly or a sprig of pine, and slip it into the knot, along with a handmade greeting card.

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