Doily Star Tree-Topper

This doily tree-topper conjures images of folktales and snow-dusted forests.



  1. Fold 6 paper doilies (ours are 4 inches in diameter) in half, right sides facing. Open doilies, and lay them right side up.

  2. Orient 1 doily so that its crease is horizontal. Affix a 1-inch-long strip of double-sided tape just above crease at the far right of doily. Refold to secure. Repeat with remaining 5 doilies. Lay 1 folded doily so that the fold is horizontal at bottom. With a pencil, mark a dot along fold 1 inch from right side. Repeat with remaining 5 doilies.

  3. On 1 doily, make a perpendicular fold at marked dot, folding right corner in. Repeat with remaining 5 doilies.

  4. ld104071_1208_topper1_xl

    On 1 doily, place a 1-inch-long strip of double-sided tape on the outer side of folded flap. Stack another folded doily on top, with the flat, unfolded side facing tape. Press to secure. Repeat to stack remaining 4 doilies.

  5. Fan stacked doilies into a 6-petal blossom. Place tape on outer side of folded flap of sixth doily; press to unfolded side of first doily to secure.

  6. ld104071_1208_topper2_xl

    Slip fingers inside each folded petal to open. Place a 3/4-inch-long strip of double-sided tape between adjacent petals, near the curved edges. Press to secure.

  7. Slide white floral wire into 1 petal, and secure with a strong adhesive, such as Magna-Tac, at the hidden innermost part. If wire bends away from star, put small drops of adhesive along petal seam and hold until secure. Let dry. Attach to treetop with wire.

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