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Crepe-Paper Lotus Blossoms

Handmade paper flowers are as eye-catching as real ones, and they're surprisingly easy to craft. Best of all, these blooms are truly perennial.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Fringe scissors, by Martha Stewart Crafts, from Michaels

  • Cloth-covered floral wire in Green, 6", 22 gauge, from

  • Florist crepe paper (for flowers), in Dark Salmon and Pale Pink, from

  • Small rubber band


  1. Cut two 4-inch squares of yellow tissue paper. Stack squares, and fold in half. Using fringe scissors, cut fringe along the open side, leaving fold intact. Slide an 8-inch length of wire inside fold. Scrunch tissue paper along wire, creating a small pom-pom, the "stamen." Fold wire in half, and twist ends together to make a "stem."

  2. Cut pink floral crepe paper into a wide rectangle, about 4 by 12 inches, with the paper grain running vertically. Using regular scissors, cut "petals": Cut into 1 long side at 3/4-inch intervals, leaving a 1-inch margin along opposite side. Without stretching crepe paper, cut rounded points at the end of each petal.

  3. Coil pink rectangle, petals up, around yellow stamen, wrapping it snugly but not so tight that you stretch the paper. (Try to stagger the petals so they don't align as you wrap.) Secure the pink coil with rubber band. Wrap the base of coil with floral tape, covering rubber band, then wind around wire stem.

  4. Starting with the outside petals, shape each by gently stretching and curving the crepe paper. Then bend the petals back to open the blossom. Fluff yellow stamen with your fingertips.

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