Striped Rug Pillows

Nautical stripes in faded blues combine with neutrals and naturals for a room that's modern and inviting. We used the same rugs to make two kinds of pillows: a large one (bigger than a bed pillow) and a smaller one with an envelope-style opening.


What You'll Need


  • 2-by-3-foot striped woven throw rugs (use 2 for a large pillow, 1 for an envelope-style pillow)
  • Carpet needle
  • Heavy-duty all-purpose thread
  • 2 standard bed pillows for large version, or 12-by-18-inch insert for envelope-style


  1. Stack and pin together 2 throw rugs. Making 1/4-inch stitches, sew 3 sides by hand, leaving 1 short end open.

  2. mld105838_0710_ht3b_vert

    Turn inside out (the fringe-on sewn end will remain inside). Insert 2 bed pillows. Stitch end closed.

  3. Lay throw rug flat. Fold one short side in, 12 inches from a fringed end. Making 1/4-inch stitches, sew the sides together by hand, forming a pocket.

  4. Insert a pillow. Fold the other fringed end over; stitch down corners to secure flap, but leave an opening for removing the pillow.

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