Give plain pendant lamps a nautical-inspired makeover in just two steps.
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Spruce up your kitchen or home office with a hanging pendant lamp. This DIY home project incorporates the best aspects of nautical-meets-farmhouse décor. Best of all, it's easy to make. With a short materials list and a succint number of steps, these festive striped desk lamps can be hanging above your table in no time. 


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Transfer the glue to the applicator bottle. Then dab the glue onto the end of the cord (don't cut it to a certain length) and along a few inches of the cord; be generous but neat with the glue. Press against the upper bolt of the lamp, where wire enters it. Wind the cord in a spiral around the bolt, applying glue as you work. Continue winding and gluing the cord.

Step 2

To add a stripe, cut the cord, making a straight (not angled) cut. Then dab the glue onto the exposed end. Take a cord in a different color—also cut with a very neat, straight end—and press it right up against the end of the first. Continue gluing and wrapping until the stripe is the width you want; on this lamp, we wound the blue cord around the lamp once for each stripe.

Step 3

Repeat, adding more stripes as desired. When you reach the bottom of the shade, neatly cut the end of the cord straight, generously dab it with glue, and press it in place.


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