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Striped Desk Lamp

Give plain pendant lamps a nautical-inspired makeover in just two steps.

Photography: Ditte Isager

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Tacky craft glue

  • 4-ounce needle-tip applicator bottle

  • Cotton Venetian-blind cords, in white and blue

  • 15-inch-diameter aluminum pendant lamp


  1. Transfer glue to applicator bottle. Dab glue on the end of the cord (don't cut it to a certain length) and along a few inches of the cord; be generous but neat with the glue. Press against upper bolt of lamp, where wire enters it. Wind cord in a spiral around bolt, applying glue as you work. Continue winding and gluing cord.

  2. To add a stripe, cut cord, making a straight (not angled) cut. Dab glue onto exposed end. Take a cord in a different color -- also cut with a very neat, straight end -- and press it right up against the end of the first. Continue gluing and wrapping until stripe is the width you want (on this lamp, we wound the blue cord around the lamp once for each stripe).

  3. Repeat, adding more stripes as desired. When you reach the bottom of the shade, neatly cut end of cord straight, generously dab it with glue, and press in place.

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