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Raw-Linen Headboard

Creating the look of raw linen on a wooden headboard requires nothing more than a paintbrush and tinted glaze. Oil paint was used to tint the glaze, creating an especially rich, deep shade of blue.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Base Coat: Benjamin Moore 1591 Sterling

  • Glaze Tint: Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour in Prussian Blue

  • China bristle brush (with alternating sections clipped away with a utility knife, forges a coarse pattern)


  1. Paint the Background: Using a 9-inch paint roller with a 1/4-inch nap, paint the surface in desired color using latex paint. Let dry thoroughly.

  2. Make the Glaze: Mix 1 part latex paint (pearl finish or satin finish) with 1 part latex or acrylic glazing liquid and 2 parts water. (If using oil paint, mix 1 part oil paint with 1 part oil glazing liquid and 1 part mineral spirits.)

  3. Proceed with any of the patterns, applying the tinted glaze over the dried base coat.

  4. Paint the Raw Linen: Cut out 1/4-inch-wide sections from a China bristle brush, using the point of a utility knife.

  5. Apply a thin layer of tinted glaze. Drag brush through the glaze, pressing down to use full length of bristles. Let dry thoroughly.

  6. Apply a second coat of tinted glaze, dragging brush in a perpendicular direction.

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