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Red-Berry-Light Garland

With a little effort, you can give your home extra holiday sparkle.

Photography: Matthew Hranek

Source: Martha Stewart


This evergreen garland is dotted with red "berries" made of Christmas lights. Individual bulbs alternate with small bunches of lights to create the charmingly irregular effect of berries in the wild.


  • Three standard 33-light strands of red pearl lights

  • Rubber bands

  • 12-foot garland

  • Floral wire

  • U-pins (greening pins)


  1. Plug together three standard 33-light strings to make one long strand of red pearl lights. Use small elastic hair bands or rubber bands to bundle groups of three or four bulbs neatly, leaving a single bulb between each cluster.

  2. Secure strand through rubber bands to garland (ours is a 12-foot length of white pine and cedar) with floral pins or with short lengths of floral wire bent with pliers to resemble hairpins, and conceal the cord amid the evergreen boughs.

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