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Standing Owl Treat Boxes

Three perched owls, made from egg-shaped pressed-paper boxes, don't need to hunt for another meal. Their bellies are filled with enough treats to last the night. Make this standing owl, or try the hanging version with a waxed-twine loop.

Source: Martha Stewart


Before you begin, learn how to work with crepe paper.


  • Americana acrylic paint, in Bright Orange and Light Cinnamon, by DecoArt, from

  • Foam brush

  • Glue stick

  • Crepe-paper folds, 20 inches by 7 1/2 feet, in Black, Bright Orange, Brown, and Canary, by Cindus, from

  • Hot-glue gun


  1. Paint both halves of an egg-shaped pressed-paper box with brown acrylic paint using a foam brush. Let dry.

  2. Attach wings: Using a glue stick, adhere orange crepe paper to orange card stock for added thickness, and glue brown crepe paper to brown card stock. Using templates, cut out wing, head, and feet pieces (brown wings and head; orange wings and feet). Using a hot-glue gun, join each pair of wing pieces (brown on top) at their tops. Then hot-glue them to the sides of the front half of box (the narrower end of the egg-shaped box will be the base).

  3. Assemble face: Using glue stick, adhere yellow crepe paper to yellow paper for added thickness. Cut out eye pieces from yellow (mounted) and black crepe paper, and glue them to the brown head using a glue stick. Adhere orange crepe paper to orange paper, and adhere brown crepe paper to brown paper using glue stick. Cut out orange beak and brown brow using templates. Glue brow onto beak, and then glue beak onto head. For the cheek ruffles, cut two scalloped strips of orange crepe paper using template. Using glue stick, attach both strips to the back of the head, curving around both cheeks and gathering the paper as necessary so it conforms to the curve. Hot-glue the head to the top of box front. Hot-glue feet to the bottom of box's front half, so owl will stand.

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