Don't stash away or discard maps from your favorite vacation spots. Use them to make these handy coasters and you'll be reminded of that special destination every time you reach for one. 

Updated September 20, 2018

Create a set for yourself and another for your travel companions as an artful memento of your trip.


What you need


How to do it

Step 1

Place map on a cutting mat, printed side down, then place cork coaster on top.

Step 2

Cut out circles from map by tracing coaster with craft knife.

Step 3

Use brush to apply glue sealant to one side of coaster, covering completely. Adhere back of map circle to coaster, smoothing to remove bubbles.

Step 4

Brush top and sides of coaster with a thin layer of glue sealant, and let dry. Repeat to make a set.


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