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Candlelit Branch and Ribbon Star of David

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with this manzanita-branch menorah, sprayed shimmering silver and trimmed with candles.

Source: Martha Stewart


In keeping with holiday tradition, a small gift awaits each guest. But what's inside each box topped with a ribbon star is not the only surprise: Hidden within the napkin folds is chocolate gelt.


  • Manzanita branch

  • Silver floral spray

  • 9 candle clips

  • Pencil

  • 3/4-inch circle craft punch

  • Hanukkah candles

  • Ruler

  • Disappearing-ink pen

  • Hot-glue gun


  1. Candlelit Branch Working on a covered surface, coat a manzanita branch with silver floral spray. Let dry.

  2. Attach 9 candle clips along branch, with 1 higher than the rest (for shammes candle).

  3. With a pencil, trace star template 9 times onto blue vellum. Cut out.

  4. Using a 3/4-inch circle craft punch, remove center of each star. Cut along line on template. Slide stars onto clips. Insert Hanukkah candles.

  5. Ribbon Star of David Cut 1-inch-wide ribbon into two 17-inch lengths. (If using wider or narrower ribbon, alter length to keep a 1 to 17 proportion; substitute 1 ribbon width for each inch in step 2).

  6. Lay 1 ribbon vertically. Measure 1 inch from top; mark on right edge with a disappearingink pen. Mark again 4 inches below first dot; mark a third dot 4 inches below that. With disappearing-ink pen, extend each mark into an equilateral triangle (A).

  7. Starting at top, fold ribbon along first marked triangle; using a hot-glue gun, glue beneath fold to secure.

  8. Repeat at next 2 marked triangles (B), folding top end first and gluing bottom-end fold. Trim ribbon even with side of resulting triangle; tuck under first point.

  9. With second ribbon, repeat steps 2 and 3.

  10. Weave folded point of second ribbon under left side of completed triangle, over right side (C). With disappearing-ink pen, mark top point of triangle for orientation.

  11. Fold ribbon at second marked triangle. Weave ribbon under bottom side of triangle. Fold ribbon at third marked triangle. Weave ribbon under lower-right point of triangle (D). Trim ribbon; tuck under upper-right point.

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