Masked Owl Costume


Give a fledgling aviator wings in the form of a felt owl costume. Contoured brown and white feathers, made by cutting and creasing the fabric, adorn the wings and belly; perked-up ears are attached to a jaunty pilot's cap. Goggled peepers enhance the look.

What You'll Need


  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Templates
  • Two 18-inch squares of tan felt and one square each of chocolate, brown, white, ochre, and black felt
  • Brown pilot's cap (we dyed a white one)
  • Glue
  • Velcro strips
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Elastic
  • Iron
  • White long-sleeve snap-bottom T-shirt
  • Tights


  1. Photocopy ear, goggles, and wing templates; cut out. Using the template as a guide, cut ears from brown felt. Cut a slit in each ear; tuck one edge 1/2 inch under the other; glue. Pin to cap, and glue. Using the template as a guide, cut goggles from black felt, extending the side pieces to fit head; attach small pieces of Velcro at strap ends.

  2. For one wing, cut two No. 1 pieces from tan felt and one from interfacing. Fuse interfacing to one felt piece; sew an 8-inch elastic loop to other side at X. (This is where the wing attaches to the child's arm, see intro photo for details.) Iron creases into other No. 1 piece at dotted lines. Glue creased No. 1 piece to interfacing.

  3. Once assembled, cut shoulder slit along the solid dotted line at the top of the template; tuck one side 2 inches under other and glue.

  4. Sew a 2-inch Velcro strip to underside along slit and to shoulder of shirt, on the same side of the wing as the loop. (The velcro fastens the wing to the shirt.)

  5. Cut wing No. 2 from chocolate felt, wing No. 3 from ochre, and wing No. 4 from brown; crease at dotted lines. Create tucks at slits. Stack wing layers; glue shoulders together.

  6. Repeat steps 1-4 to make second wing.

  7. For chest, cut 5 pieces from white felt (one with neckline, others with straight line). Stack, offsetting by 1 inch; glue in place. Glue to T-shirt. Wear with tights.

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