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Jewelry Box for Semiprecious Candies

A pile of gemstones in luminous pinks, reds, and corals is a thrill to behold. These turn out to be good to eat as well. Use the same mold to make shiny hard candies (these are cinnamon flavored) and chocolates that can be wrapped in gleaming metallic foil. Tuck them into this handcrafted jewelry box for a special someone, or give them out to your dazzling friends.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Two 3 1/4-by-5 1/4 inch cardboard jewelry boxes with accompanying batting

  • Decorative faux-lizard paper

  • Craft knife

  • Bone folder

  • Ruler

  • Paste-style glue

  • Foam craft brush

  • Red art board (a heavier weight than card stock)

  • Satin fabric

  • Tape

  • Gold banding border and gold paper


  1. Customize box. Separate the box halves; you'll use the bottoms and 1 piece of batting to make the box. Print box template; cut out. Trace template twice onto decorative paper; cut out pieces. Using bone folder and ruler, crease papers, following the dotted lines on template. Apply glue to the back of 1 box half using brush; center it on back of paper. Using glue and following the guidelines on template, cover box half in paper. Repeat to cover second box half.

  2. Create lip and box insert. Add a lip to the box bottom: cut 4 strips of art board equal to the lengths of the box's sides and all 1/4 inch wider than box's depth. Glue strips along sides inside 1 box half. For a better presentation, raise the box floor (optional): Cut a long, 1/2-inch-wide strip of art board. Fold it as shown, and secure it to box floor with glue.

  3. Make satin cushion. Cut a rectangle of art board to the same dimensions as batting. Cut a piece of satin fabric 1 inch larger on all sides. Stack fabric (right side down), batting, and art board (all centered). Wrap fabric around layers, securing it first at the corners and then on sides with tape. For a more pillowy look, leave a little give in the fabric.

  4. Add flourishes. Apply 4 thin strips of gold banding border along the edges of box top using glue. Repeat, adding strips along sides of box top and bottom. Cut a small heart from gold paper, and affix it to the center of box top. Place cushion inside box, and fill box with candies.

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