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Sea-Glass Earrings

It's easy to transform gently wave-worn remnants such as sea glass into beautiful earrings.

Source: Martha Stewart


For this project, you'll need sea-glass pieces of the same size and color. Keep in mind that thinner pieces are easier to drill.


  • Sea-glass shards

  • Plastic container of water

  • Safety glasses

  • Pencil

  • Craft drill, such as Stylus rotary tool kit by Dremel, from Lowe's

  • Earring wires (we used 0.029-inch sterling-silver earring wire, from Metalliferous)


  1. Fill a plastic container with a small amount of water, and set a shard of sea glass inside; it should be slightly covered but not submerged (drilling the shard in water will guard against cracking and prevent it from getting too hot).

  2. Wearing safety glasses and holding the shard with the eraser end of a pencil, make a hole in glass using a craft drill fitted with a No. 61 diamond bit (it may take a few tries to drill through completely).

  3. Slip shards onto store-bought earring wires.

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