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Puzzle-Cut Pine Tree Cards

Trees fashioned from colored and textured papers are adorned with sequins and glitter. The boughs of a pretty pink pine literally spring to life.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Tree template, enlarged to desired size

  • Sturdy paper or card stock

  • Utility knife

  • Heavy thread

  • Glue

  • Glitter


  1. For this stand-up card, begin with sturdy paper the same height as the template. Trace the tree template onto the paper, and cut along the line with a utility knife. You'll end up with two halves; fit them back together like puzzle pieces.

  2. Glue a single strand of heavy thread down the front center and up the back center of the tree to form a spine. Tie the two ends in a knot at the top, and attach a few more pieces of string to create a little tassel.

  3. Let glue dry. Bend the two sides back slightly so the branches and bottom tab pop forward; the card will stand on its own. To trim the tree, brush glue on the boughs, and sprinkle with glitter. Shake off excess.

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