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Bone Frame with Sea-Life Skeleton Clip-Art Print

Create this arm-bone frame to display our clip-art sea-life print

Photography: SIMON WATSON

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Spray adhesive

  • Monofilament


  1. Download an illustration of urchins and coral. Take the file to a copy center to have it printed full-size (24 by 36 inches). You can choose a print of your own in a similar size instead.

  2. Using spray adhesive, adhere the print to foam board.

  3. Since you will not need the shoulder blades, unscrew them from the arms.

  4. Determine placement of arm bones: Place them on foam board, so their elbows are at the corners and hands reach along the sides. Anchor one arm at a time to foam board: Using tapestry needle threaded with monofilament, and starting on the back side, sew through foam board, loop monofilament over bone, then push the needle back through. Knot. Repeat a few times in the same spot. Then repeat this stitching in several other spots along the arm.

  5. Repeat for each arm.

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