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Greetings Tree

Each card you receive is like a little gift, carefully chosen by a friend or family member; as such, it deserves more than a passing glance and makeshift presentation. Suspend cards-turned-ornaments from dried winter branches in a bucket, vase, or other vessel; you don't need to add any water to enjoy this nature-inspired card display.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Dried branches

  • Bucket or vase

  • Similar ribbons: various shades of brown and metallics

  • 1/4-inch hole punch

  • Similar beads

  • 28-gauge wire


  1. Punch a hole through the top of a closed card. String a length of ribbon through the hole, then thread the ends through a bead or two, and tie the ends in a knot or bow. To thread wide ribbon through a small bead, bend a length of 28-gauge wire in half, and send the ends through the bead so the ends are exposed on one side and the loop on the other. Put the ribbon through the wire loop, and pull on the loose ends of the wire, bringing the ribbon through the bead. If you wish, tie a tassel to the ribbon inside the card, too, so it hangs down. Another variation: Punch two side-by-side holes at the top of the card, thread ribbon ends through from the back, and tie a small bow in front.

  2. Loop card ribbons over various branches of the "tree." Consider placing pewter bowls of nuts, dried apricots, and dates next to tree to entice visitors into taking a closer look.

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