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Cornhusk Napkin Rings and Place Cards

In fall, the blossoms of summertime are little more than a distant memory. But you can bring some of their delicate beauty to your fall decorating by fashioning flowers from the husks of dried Indian corn -- a farm-stand staple at this time of year.

Source: Martha Stewart


Inspired by the early American craft tradition of making dolls from cornhusks, our cornhusk flowers -- mimicking apple blossoms -- are both elegant and simple to create.


  • Cornhusks, in off-white, purple, and pink

  • Card stock

  • Scissors

  • Wire, 32-gauge

  • Brown floral tape

  • Tented place cards

  • Micro hole punch

  • Ribbon or string


  1. Soak cornhusks in water for 2 to 3 minutes; blot dry with paper towels. For petals and other shapes, copy template onto card stock. Cut out and place template on slightly damp husk, and then cut shapes. Using your fingers, cup and shape petals while they dry.

  2. Starting at top left: Cut out blossom center, and fold on dotted line. Roll tightly to form stamen, wrapping twice with a 3-foot length of 32-gauge wire. Accordion-fold a cornhusk. Place petal template on folded husk, and cut out petals (producing several petals). Attach five petals around stamen, wrapping each twice with wire. Cut out rectangle for bud, and roll lengthwise. Wrap with another length of wire, 2/3 down roll. Open top of husk, fold down halfway, and wrap on itself; wire again.

  3. To form rings, wrap floral tape from base of each blossom and bud, 2 inches down stem. Cluster blossoms and buds, one at a time, securing wires together with floral tape. Trim ends to form 2-inch diameter ring. Secure end into top of cluster to close loop.

  4. To make place cards, create flowers as directed for napkin rings. Attach to a tented place card by punching two holes with a micro-hole punch and threading ribbon through to tie.

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