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Sugared Heart Cookies

Valentine's Day may be about romance, but it has always been sweetly innocent. Making these heart cookies will take you back to grade school, except the construction paper and glitter have been replaced with cookie dough and sugar crystals.

Tools and Materials

Sugared Heart Cookies How-To

1. Sugar crystals come in a variety of sizes. To dye them, dip a toothpick into a small vial of powdered food color and mix it into the sugar; start with a bit, and add more to intensify the shade.

2. The dough was cut with a heart cookie cutter, and then baked and cooled. Egg whites are the glue that adheres the sugar to the hearts. Whisk together a couple of egg whites, or use powdered whites (according to package instructions) if you're concerned about consuming raw eggs. Use a 1/2-inch pastry brush to coat the cookie with the whites.

3. Sprinkle the sugar generously over the cookies while whites are still wet; let stand for about 25 minutes, and then use a dry brush to gently whisk away any stray grains.

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