How to Make a Spider-Dog Pet Costume

Martha's beloved French bulldogs are all dressed up for Halloween. Francesca is disguised as a devious black widow spider in this festive costume.


Amp up your four-legged friend's Halloween style this season with our Spider-Dog Pet Costume. The spider's bulbous body and angular legs are made of felt; once assembled, the costume is sewn onto a doggy-size T-shirt.

What You'll Need



  1. msd104948_sip_hal_09_dogspider1_hd

    Photocopy the body, leg, and diamond templates and cut them out. Using the templates as guides, cut two body pieces and 16 leg pieces from the black felt; cut two diamond pieces from the orange felt.

  2. msd104948_sip_hal_09_digspider2_hd

    To make each leg, pin two leg pieces together and sew; using the knitting needle, stuff tightly with fill. Sew the body pieces together, leaving a small opening for the fill. Stuff the body, and sew the opening closed.

  3. Glue the two diamonds to the top body piece to make an hourglass shape.

  4. Place each leg on the body with the open ends sandwiching the body; hand-sew legs to the body. Next, sew the body to the center back of the T-shirt; tack along contour of the body to stabilize.

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