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Spooky Bird Silhouettes

Set an ominous scene with these monstrous birds, who greet visitors in the form of silhouettes (drawn and cut from black plastic WeedBlock). The otherworldly light comes from green bulbs pointed at the windows inside each room.

Source: Martha Stewart


Tip: Semi-sheer fabric makes a good backdrop for the birds.


  • Black plastic WeedBlock (0214444), from Home Depot

  • Yardstick

  • White chalk

  • Scissors


  1. Hem fabric panel and sew channel in top for a curtain rod, if desired (or you can simply tack the furnished panel into your window frame).

  2. Use our bird templates to create one of our silhouettes: Enlarge the templates so you can see the details of the pattern clearly. Determine how wide you want the image in inches; divide that width by the number of squares in the template's width. That number is the size you should make each box in the grid.

    Use a straightedge and chalk to draw the grid on plastic WeedBlock (available at garden centers). Then draw the figure freehand with chalk, copying each portion of the image square by square.

  3. Cut out bird silhouette. Apply glue around edges of bird and center of fabric panel. The silhouette panel can be used year after year.

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