Stuffed Pig

This petite argyle pig is so cuddly, you'll want to produce a whole pen's worth. Wrap up a woolly creature to give to your favorite tot, or use one as a stocking stuffer.


What You'll Need



  1. sip_pig_hol08_stuffedpight1_hd

    Enlarge the templates to desired size, and cut out. Using the template as a guide, cut the underbelly piece from felted wool.

  2. To make legs, fold back each one at solid line, and stitch along dotted line.

  3. sip_pig_hol08_stuffedpight2_hd

    Cut out one side piece; flip template, and cut another side piece that mirrors the first. With right sides facing and leaving a 1/8-inch seam allowance, stitch one side to underbelly along lower portion, from snout to tail, curving underbelly piece to fit.

  4. Stitch other side piece to other side of underbelly, sandwiching underbelly between the two side pieces.

  5. sip_pig_hol08_stuffedpight3_hd

    Pin tail, tip forward, inside the body, between the two side pieces. Sew along top line, leaving one gap at the snout tip and one at the back. Cut out nose, and hand-stitch to snout, right side in.

  6. Turn pig right side out. Tear cotton or polyester fill into small pieces to prevent lumps from forming, and stuff pig. Close the back with slip stitches.

  7. Cut out four ear pieces. Sew together two ear pieces, right sides facing, leaving a hole at the base; turn ear right side out, and stitch hole closed. Repeat for the other ear.

  8. At the base, fold each ear in half lengthwise, and tack to head to secure. Hand-stitch ears to head.

  9. Twist tail around a pencil to make a curl. Steam-iron the finished pig to refine its shape and loosen the stuffing.

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