This Halloween take on a tarot-card reader's disguise, complete with chains, medallions, and deck of cards. The necklaces may look flashy, but they're just "costume" jewelry -- gold paper circles glued to lengths of cord. A tattered skirt doesn't require any sewing; instead, cotton squares are tied together with twill tape. Ours is made from 10 squares of fabric; add or subtract squares to adjust the size.

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Pinch the center of one square. Tie twill tape around pinched end about 1 inch from point, starting about 12 inches from the end of the tape. Repeat with remaining squares, spacing about 2 inches apart.

Step 2

Use a craft punch to cut circles from gold paper. Adhere to gold cord with fabric glue. Make necklaces in different sizes (our longest is 36 inches) with different-size circles, plus two to embellish head scarf.

Step 3

Fold square in half on the diagonal. Wrap around head, with forehead in center of folded edge; gather in back and secure with a safety pin. Clip to hair.

Step 4

Tie cotton skirt over another skirt that is slightly shorter; pair with a long-sleeved white blouse and tights. Cinch leather belts around waist (we layered a narrow belt over a wider one). Tie on necklaces, including forehead, and drape shawl over shoulders.


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