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Decorative Decal Pillar Candles

Lively clip-art decals turn ordinary store-bought pillars and matchbox covers into festive gifts. For a pretty package, anchor the candles on glass coasters, pair with a matchbox, and tie each bundle neatly with ribbon.

Source: Martha Stewart


We created 10 beautiful clip-art designs (with matching prints if you choose to create a coordinating matchbox wrapper) to wrap around your candles.


  1. With an ink-jet printer, print one of our 10 clip-art candle designs onto a blank decal sheet.

  2. Spray it with 2 coats of clear varnish, letting varnish dry between coats. When decal is dry, cut to desired size and soak in a bowl of water for about 1 minute to loosen the paper backing. Carefully remove decal from water, and apply it to candle, peeling off backing as you go. Smooth decal with a paper towel, eliminating air bubbles and excess water. Let dry for approximately 3 hours.

  3. If you're creating a corresponding matchbox wrapper, print one of our 12 clip-art designs onto paper. Cut to size, and wrap around a matchbox, securing with double-sided tape.

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