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Lattice Fence and Evergreen Bough Window Boxes

Source: Martha Stewart


Lattice-weave baskets tied with red ribbons overflow with evergreen boughs and holly branches. Our lattice of willow branches raises the sides of a window box, providing support for a tall arrangement of greenery. We looked for branches that were relatively straight and uniform in thickness, but this project will work with any leftover prunings; using knobby, crooked branches will produce a twiggy, free-form basket -- equally beautiful for a rustic, outdoor display.


  • Evergreen boughs

  • Holly branches

  • Willow branches or leftover prunings

  • Floral wire

  • Similar copper finish window box (we used No. 1251067, fromĀ

  • Wide red outdoor ribbon


  1. To construct the fence, cut pieces of dry floral foam to fit snugly inside your window box. Using the foam as an anchor, insert a twig upright in each corner of the box, then connect the top corners with additional branches, securing with floral wire to form a rectangular frame.

  2. Next, form a crisscross pattern by inserting twigs across one side on the diagonal, then again in the reverse direction, using wire to secure the twigs where they intersect. Once the twigs are wired into place, cut them down to the desired height.

  3. When the fence is complete, finish by weaving a wide, red ribbon (buy outdoor ribbon from a florist shop) through the framework, and tie it into a bow.

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